General Session Topics

  • Investigation and analytics of aqueous speciation
  • Aqueous solutions at high ionic strength
  • Kinetics of phase transformations
  • Molten salts and ionic liquids
  • Effects of solute-solvent interactions on solubility phenomena
  • Solubility phenomena in technical and industrial applications
  • Computer assisted equilibrium calculations and related thermodynamic databases

Plenary Speakers (confirmed)

Magdalena Bendová, Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals Prague, Czech Republic

“Liquid phase behaviour in systems containing ionic liquids: can ‘old-fashioned‘ experiments enable us to understand their properties and structure?”


Heinz Gamsjäger, University Leoben, Austria,

“Thermodynamic properties of molybdate ion: reaction cycles and experiments”


Wolfgang Runde, Los Alamos National Laboratories, USA,

“Actinide chemistry” (tentative title)


Wolfgang Voigt, Technical University Freiberg, Germany

“What we know and still not know about oceanic salts"


Ingmar Grenthe, KTH, Sweden

"Solid phases, structures and solution chemistry - what type of molecular insights do they provide?"


Invited Speakers (confirmed)

Slobodan Gadzuric, University Novi Sad, Serbia,

"Thermodynamics of lanthanide halide + alkali halide binary mixtures: experimental and chemometric study"


Montserrat Filella, University Geneva, Switzerland

“Solubility seen from an environmental chemist point of view: caveats and needs”